30 Aug 2014

Tbh, I think we're so much better off.

22 May 2014

No woman deserves to be confused.

6 Apr 2014

Before Grad!

1) At the moment
No med school for me this year. Detaching, exploring and travelling weigh more than anything for me right now. Sayang age, sayang opportunities. But first thing's first, an MT license.

2) This year
US? I'll probably start fixing my papers the week before my grad.  Planning to stop schooling for around 2 years.

3) And relationships
Of course I shut some. Rough first months. Either I'm surrounded by assholes or I'm bad at this (I choose the first one.) Cutting ties feels good sometimes.

15 Feb 2014

Valentine's Salubong

Came to see a lineup of bands play for Valentine's salubong last Feb 13 and of course - you kept crossing my mind. What could've happened? Me, you, and Brownman Revival there and at the background. You always knew how to shoot at the heart... But that was then.

4 Jan 2014

More than anything, I wish to see places with a loved one

2 Jan 2014

Feeling more detached with my family and friends than ever. Give me a break.

25 Dec 2013

Space and Quiet

Such a brutal combination. Makes you think too much.
Maybe. Just maybe. Next year, it would be totally different from what's been.

Merry Christmas!

11 Dec 2013

Please prove me wrong. Prove me you're not just like any other guy. At least let us stay friends.

20 Oct 2013

Just can't believe you. Why would you say such thing about me?
I'm sorry, but if you were the one in my situation at that very same moment, I would never let myself leave you in that hell of a gas station at 3 in the morning. Brat my ass.

How are you expecting me to make your write up at this time?